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The Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council

Dedicated to empowering and supporting Métis women and their families by promoting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.



The Métis Nation of Ontario Women's Council (MNO Women's Council) is comprised of Métis women from Ontario who are committed to promoting women’s issues and advocating on their behalf within the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) community.


The MNO Women's Council also advises the PCMNO on matters pertaining to women and works with community councils, Aboriginal boards, government bodies and women’s groups to assist Métis people with issues of concern specific to women. This work includes policy development and review, coordination, consultation, and education

The Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council will work within the MNO for the betterment of the Métis Nation as a whole through the empowerment and participation of Métis Nation women in Ontario.



The MNO Women’s Council is entrusted to enhance the rights of Métis women so they can fulfill their potential in all aspects of their lives. The MNO Women’s Council will promote Métis culture, language, history, values, traditions, healthy families and communities. We aspire to help each woman achieve personal goals and aspirations and to positively affect change in themselves and others. The MNO Women’s Council will promote and advance equal rights and a strong unified voice for each Métis woman and her family.

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