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Woodland Path

Addressing Conflict

The Need: ​

  • Métis women identified that conflict can often undermine the ability for Métis women to move forward in their lives and to contribute to MNO.

  • Throughout the project, conflict at times had to stop the project and different conflict resolution models were used.

Conflict when not Resolved 

  • Creates toxic culture

  • Lowers empathy for each other

  • We avoid conflict

  • Unresolved conflict can often make us sick

Questions to ask yourself before going into Conflict

  1. How invested in the relationship are you?

  2. How important is the issue to you?

  3. Do you have the energy for the conflict?

  4. Are you aware of the potential consequences?

  5. Are you ready for the consequences?

  6. What are the consequences if you do not engage in the conflict?

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