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Photos Submitted by Berni

British born to a World War II Vet and war time Bride Berni’s family traces back to the descendants from Flying Post in the Old NorthWest Territories. As the MNOWC Representative for Region 5 she represents Sudbury, North Bay and Mattawa. Berni started the first Métis Women’s Empowerment gathering in Ontario.


Berni is an avid Métis beader and horsewomen. She enjoys working with women in the community through crafts and sharing knowledge in relation to Métis culture and way of life. Through laughter and humour Berni believes these can soothe one’s soul, unless you are soulless! She also loves a good mystery.


Berni is the recipient of the Silver Star Metal from St Johns Ambulance and recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal that recognizes her significant contributions to special needs children and young adults.

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