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“Established a Georgian Bay Metis Women Circle to Fundraise in 2011. We funded and published a cookbook by selling advertising to raise funds to make the cookbook. We had Zero Dollars to start. Within 2 weeks we had $750.00 sold to business to advertise in our cookbook. Lots of hard work handwritten recipes and 6 months later we had a cookbook that sold out and went to second printing. The money raised through the sales of this cookbook goes towards the well-being of Georgian Bay Métis Women.” Patricia Taylor

The Value of doing a Cookbook
  • Food and recipe tells us the stories of who we are.

  • “Amateur recipe collections are history books too.”

Start with your Women's Council
  • Each woman can contribute a recipe

  • Ideally, you want to have the recipe and a picture for each recipe

  • If you still don’t have enough recipes than ask other Métis women in your region


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