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The Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council

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Nomination Form

Nominations open the first Friday in February of each year. The deadline for submissions is the first Friday of July in the same year. Submissions must be received by 11:59 pm EST. No exceptions. You will be notified via email of receipt of submission. If submission is incomplete, the nominator will be notified through email. A nomination can be resubmitted with completed information providing it falls within the specified timeline. 

 Women Honouring Women Award 
Nomination Form 

Nomination Criteria

Must be a Métis Nation of Ontario woman citizen whose primary residence is in Ontario


Is 25 years of age or over as of August 1st in the year being nominated


Nominees can be nominated multiple years providing they have not previously received the award
No self nomination


A nominee can only receive the award once


Is NOT a paid MNO employee or a paid elected PCMNO representative


Is NOT an MNOWC current member


The nominee has made positive contributions through her Métis-specific VOLUNTEERISM:

  • To improve the lives of MNO women and girls 

  • To involve and engage with MNO women and girls

  • To represent MNO women & girls in public community settings 

  • Represents the Métis in her specified volunteer activities 


The nominee has demonstrated LEADERSHIP qualities within her Métis community: 

  • She takes initiative to present and facilitate activities 

  • She respectfully advocates for others, herself, and offers assistance as required 

  • If she holds a position on her local MNO Council, she is active 


The nominee promotes and participates in her CULTURE: 

  • She provides presentations of Métis workshops 

  • She promotes and/or is active in a Métis way of life 


To receive an award, the nominee must agree to sign picture and story publication permission forms.
If nominee wishes to decline, she may voluntarily withdraw from award consideration. 

Nominees’ Efforts

Please answer the following: Please describe how the nominees’ efforts have benefitted Metis women in their community through…

Upload File

For further information or if you have questions, please contact your Regional Women’s Representative: 

President – Suzanne Jackson

Region 1 – Colette Surovy

Region 2 – Kelly Camacho

Region 3 – Santana Sanftenberg

Region 4 – June Smart

Region 5 – Lynne Gouliquer

Region 6 – Cora Bunn

Region 7 – Patricia Taylor

Region 8 – Tera Beaulieu

Region 9 – Colleen Brunelle

Thank You for Submitting!

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