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MNO participates in the founding of the Women of the Métis Nation

MNO well-represented at Métis Women’s Assembly

Ten women, representing the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO), participated in the historic founding assembly of the Women of the Métis Nation (WMN) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, October 22-24, 2010. The WMN becomes the national voice representing Métis women in Canada, within the governance structure of the Metis National Council.

The MNO delegation included Sharon McBride, Spokesperson for the MNO Women’s Secretariat and Vice-chair of the MNO.  Delegates from all five of the governing members of the Métis National Council attended this historic event, which elected Melanie Omeniho as the WMN National Interim President.

The WMN will address important issues facing Métis communities such as child suicide, access to health care, jobs and the growing number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women. The WMN is calling on the federal government to fulfill its promise of providing 10 million dollars for investigating the number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. The WMN is also calling on Ottawa to provide the support and services to help Métis women entrepreneurs grow their businesses that will create jobs in their communities.

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