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Results from elections held at AGA

Elections were held August 26, 2016, prior to the 2016 MNO Annual General Assembly in North Bay for positions as PCMNO Senators, Representatives on the WSMNO as well as elections to fill vacancies on the MNO Youth Council.

The election results were as follows:

PCMNO Senators

All MNO Senators participated in an election to elect four of their number to serve four year terms as PCMNO Senators. The following were elected:

Senator Ray Bergie Senator Rene Gravelle Senator Joseph Poitras Senator Verna Porter-Brunelle

In addition the four PCMNO Senators selected one of their number to serve a four year term as Executive Senator. 

Senator Joseph Poitras were serve as Executive Senator

WSMNO Representatives At a WSMNO meeting four individuals were four women were elected to serve as WSMNO Representatives. The following were elected:

Cora Bunn Pearl Gabona Suzanne Jackson Katelyn LaCroix

MNO Youth Council A vacancy for the position of Region 4 Representative on the MNO Youth Council was filled through electronic voting. The successful candidate was:

Taylor McNally

Full official results will be posted within the next week.

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