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Kelly Camacho was born in a mining hospital in Errington Township, Thunder Bay District, known now as Greenstone Municipality. She has been the Region 2 Women’s Representative since 2017, which includes the Thunder Bay Metis Council, Superior North Shore Metis Council, and Greenstone Metis Council. Kelly was acclaimed in the 2020 MNOWC election.

Kelly served as the women’s rep on the Greenstone Metis Council from 2010 to 2018. She has worked with the MMIWG and the LFMO on family and women’s issues. Kelly is crafty and loves to bead, sew, paint, and cook for large gatherings/Metis foods.


Kelly is a great salesperson and has had a varied work life in non-traditional employment. She has lived in many places in Canada, from Vancouver Island to Quebec City. She was a licensed transport truck driver (mainly in the USA), limo driver, drove a commercial laundry truck, drove for a carnival, helping seniors transition to long term care, worked as a support service worker in a hospital, First Aid instructor for indigenous people and adults, and volunteering teaching for St. John cadets.

Women and family and children are very important to Kelly. Their safety is a priority to this strong Metis woman.

Photos Submitted by Kelly
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