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Photos Submitted by Tera



My name is Tera Beaulieu and I am the Women's Representative for Region 8, representing the Métis women, girls and two-spirit peoples of Toronto-York, Oshawa-Durham and Credit River!


My Métis ancestry stems from the communities of St. Laurent, Manitoba and Qu'appelle, Saskatchewan, and I currently live in Toronto, Ontario with my beautiful family, including my two children Beau and Aurora. I am completing my PhD in the Clinical/Counselling Psychology Program at the University of Toronto, with my program of research examining the supports and challenges of Métis traditional knowledge in addressing the life transition needs (mental health, education and employment) of urban Métis homeless peoples. I am a registered psychotherapist and the founder and director of the Weaving Wellness Centre, a private clinical and consulting practice specializing in serving Indigenous peoples and communities, and supporting those who have experienced trauma and perinatal mental health challenges. I have previously served as the Women's Representative and President of the Toronto & York Region Métis Council, and currently sit on the Métis Nation of Ontario Two-Spirit Métis Circle as an ally. I consider working with our communities a great privilege and honour, and am always happy to connect, discuss and learn from our amazing Métis citizens and community members! Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you'd like to speak, or if you just want to visit over a cup of tea sometime :)

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