Métis women have the basic responsibility to restore and strengthen the ability of Métis communities and organizations to make decisions based on the restoration of culture.

Métis Self Care

  • Sharing stories

  • Spending time in Métis spaces

  • Developing a Métis centered analysis of situations

  • Being proud of your Métis identity

What do you need to feel supported

  • People (friends, Elders, mentors, spouses) to look to for guidance and care

  • Cultural connection, grounding in identity, tradition, history, community and traditional medicines (smudging)

  • Nature – water, light, wilderness quietude helps to re-energize, cleanse and balance us

  • Prayer or spirituality for strength and guidance

  • Recognition to each other, from each other, from community; recognizing our strengths

  • Physical contact, hugs and affection are healing

  • Words and acts of support (encouragement, check-ins, texts) help us to feel we are not alone