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The Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council


Definition of Women
The Métis Nation of Ontario Women's Council (MNOWC) [1] has an inclusive understanding of woman. Women experience their lives differently based on their culture, home life, region, age, gender/gender identity, sexual identity, religion, education, and many other factors. The MNOWC values each woman’s experience and seeks to create a respectful space that includes Two-Spirited, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer, and Inter-Sex (2SLGBTQ) women.
Calm Sea
1. Our Statement of Purpose

Advance a democratic, mandated and self-sufficient MNOWC to promote the interests and aspirations of all women citizens of the MNO.


We will do that by:

  • Encouraging the full participation of all Métis women.

  • Advocating for Métis women, insight, and participation to ensure successful women’s programming across the province.

  • Promoting the history, values, culture, languages and traditions of the Métis Nation.

  • Promoting spiritual, cultural, mental and wellness physical wellness of Métis women.   

  • Ensuring Métis women maintain their role in the continuation of our strong Métis Nation.


The MNOWC will promote and advocate: Métis women’s rights, agendas, health, women’s leadership; education; Métis culture and heritage; Children/family/communities.

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2. Structure of the MNOWC

2.1. Number of Representatives 


  1. The MNOWC will consist of the [2] Elected President [3] and 9 Elected Regional Métis Nation of Ontario Women’s Council Representatives.

  2. If seeking to be a Candidate for Regional Women’s Representatives is Ordinarily Resident in the Region for which he or she seeks to be nominated.

  3. If seeking to be a Candidate for [4] President is Ordinarily Resident in Ontario for the term of office.

  4. Only MNO Women’s citizens can stand for office in the MNOWC.

  5. The Council of 10 MNOWC will consist of 1 [5] President and 9 Council members and will be elected by the women citizens of the MNO for a term of 4 years. These elections will be held at the MNO Annual General Assembly following the PCMNO elections either by mail-in or electronic voting, whichever is most cost effective.

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3. Vacancy of Committee Positions

3.1 As per MNO By-Law 10 [6]

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4. Meetings of the MNOWC

4.1 The committee members of the MNOWC will meet not less than once per quarter plus one Annual General Meeting, to be held at the same time and place as the Métis Nation of Ontario Annual General Assembly.


4.2 The meetings of the MNOWC will be chaired by the [7] MNOWC [8] President


4.3 All meetings of the MNOWC shall be held in the most financially responsible manner possible. This may be through conference call, internet conferencing or face-to-face.


4.4 At every Annual General Meeting in addition to any other business that may be transacted the report of the [9] council members, a financial statement shall be presented. The members may consider and transact any business at any meeting of the members.

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5. Quorum and Voting

5.1 Five member of the MNOWC constitute a quorum.


5.2 All decisions will strive to be reached by consensus. If consensus cannot be reached the decision will go to a vote, simple majority rules.


5.3 Each committee member will have one vote.

6. MNOWC Signatories

6.1 Contracts, documents or any instrument in writing requiring the signature of the MNOWC shall be signed by the [10] MNOWC [11] President and one other signing officer of the MNO.


6.2 All contracts and documents and instruments in writing so signed shall be binding upon the MNOWC without any further authorization of formality.


6.3 Signing officers for the MNOWC are the President, the Treasurer and an another member of the MNOWC.

7. Roles and Responsibilities of Members of MNOWC

7.1 The representatives of the MNOWC will work towards the vision, mandate, purpose and objectives of the MNOWC as determined in these Terms of Reference.


7.2 The MNOWC members will work on issues that affect the provincial perspective of women citizens of the MNO.


7.3 The [12] MNOWC [13] members, working in conjunction with the MNO Community Council Women’s Representatives will work with and support the women citizens of the MNO in the Province to carry their voice at all MNOWC Meetings and General Assemblies.


7.4 The role of the [14] MNOWC [15] President for Métis Women, will be to oversee and guide the MNOWC towards accomplishing their mandate. It will also be the responsibility of the [16] MNOWC [17] to report to the PCMNO when requested.


7.5 [18] The [19] MNOWC [20] President for Métis Women shall be the chief spokesperson for the MNOWC and shall represent the MNOWC on the Board of Governors of Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak.

8. Resignations

8.1 If an MNOWC member resigns before the end of her term, an on-line process will occur in a region to secure her replacement.   


8.2 The process will include a call out to the region for nominations and a letter of interest from the candidate. A process will be developed to ensure that all women who are recognized as MNO citizens in that region can vote.


8.3 In an election year (prior to the AGA), the election of that regional representative will wait until the AGA.

9. Reimbursement of Expenditures

9.1 As per MNO Policies

10. Accountability of the MNOWC

10.1 The [21] MNOWC [22] President will report the progress of the MNOWC to the PCMNO [23] as requested.


10.2 The MNOWC President on behalf of the MNOWC will present an annual report to Ontario Métis women citizens at the AGA through the presentation of the AGA report.

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11. Changes, Additions or Deletions to the Terms of Reference of the MNOWC

11.1 All changes to this document titled Terms of Reference of the MNOWC must be approved at a MNOWC Annual General Meeting by a majority.  Historical changes to the Terms of Reference will be documented in an Appendix to the Terms of Reference.

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12. Adoption of Terms of Reference

The adoption of these Terms of Reference MNOWC was:

Quorum and Voting
Statement of Purpose
Structure of MNOWC
Vacancy of Committee Positions
MNOWC Meetings
Roles and Responsibilities
Changes to Terms of Reference
Adoption of Terms of Reference
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